Why The Proxy Server Denies The Connection?

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Proxy server denies the connection

If you receive the error message “Proxy server denies the connection,” something is incorrectly configured in your proxy settings. You can change this under Windows in Control Panel or, in some cases, as a Firefox user in your browser.

Causes and solutions for the proxy server denying the connection

If you have mistakenly set the proxy server to the wrong setting, even though you may not use any proxies at all, you may experience problems loading websites. Before doing so, make sure that you have installed an extension in your browser, such as free proxy site, which automatically makes changes to the settings. If errors occur, you should deactivate such extensions first.

Open the Control Panel. Press the Windows key, tap “Control Panel” and click on the appropriate entry. Go to the “Network and Internet” menu and then “Internet Options”. Firefox: Websites are not loading because the proxy server is denying the connection

For Firefox users, it can sometimes happen that the proxy settings change after an update. Follow the steps below to solve the problem. Start Firefox and open the settings in “Tools”.

Switch to “Advanced” and in the “Network” tab, in the “Connections” section, click on “Settings”. Then check the box next to “Use system proxy settings”.

Why Proxy Sites Have Importance in Offices, Schools, and Colleges?

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Why do Proxy Sites use in Offices, Schools, and Colleges?

Proxy Sites is Major important sites for access unblocked sites and easy to access all types of website without any restriction many offices persons access Facebook through proxy sites.

Students also use Facebook in schools and colleges Without any restrict because office general manager blocked all types of social sites in offices and schools minister block all types of social sites in schools so students don’t waste important time in these social sites but rather students can access all types of sites through proxy site.

What are the Benefits of Proxy Sites?

Proxy Sites hide your original location and IP address and secure your pc from hackers and spammers.
Any site cannot locate your cookies and original IP address.
your Internet reduces when you use the proxy site for access websites and watch youtube videos.
you can watch HD quality videos in low Internet connection.
If you not live in United States and you need us IP to access website then you can easily access the website through proxy our IP address.

What is the Difference Between Free Proxy Websites and Paid VPN Proxy Sites?

Free Proxy Websites provide same ip to multiple users and free proxy sites not providing full browsing speed and free proxy websites access through browser.

Paid VPN provides durable and secure proxy service to the users and provide unique multipe ips to 1 user.

Paid Proxy VPN provides service on monthly charge or yearly charge. The main benefit of paid vpn user download vpn software and access proxy surfing on all browsers and anything without any risk.

What is Proxy or Proxy Sites?

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What Is The Actual Function Of Proxy Site?

Socks proxy is divided into Socks4 and Socks5; Socks4 proxy only supports TCP protocol (Transmission Control Protocol), Socks5 proxy support for TCP and UDP (User Datagram Protocol), also supports a variety of authentication mechanisms, server-side domain name resolution. Socks4 able Socks5 can dry not vice versa, such as ICQ can only be used Socks5 proxy.

In general, we use a web browser to connect directly to other Internet sites to obtain network information, is directly linked to the destination site server, and then by the destination site server sends information back.

Proxy server is between the client and the Web server to another, and then with it, the browser is not directly to the Web server to retrieve web page but the request to the proxy server, the signal is then sent to a proxy server, by the proxy server to retrieve the information needed by the browser and send to your browser.

In the box, enter the URL address of the site you want to access, click on the proxy browser will open a new window link proxy server, you can wait a few seconds, if appears unable to link servers and other errors, please try to select other servers above, because the proxy server resource consumption is relatively large, and there is timeliness, so sometimes can not be opened, the proxy must try several times. Automatically updated with the latest available servers every day.

Most of the proxy server has a buffer function, as if a large Cache, it has great storage space, it will continue to obtain new data storage to its memory on the machine, if the browser the requested data in its present the memory on the machine already exists and is the latest, it is not re-fetch data from a Web server, but directly to the memory on the data to the user’s browser, so that we can significantly improve browsing speed and efficiency.

More importantly: the proxy sites is the Internet link-level gateway (Gateway) is an important security feature provided by its work mainly in the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) layer model of dialogue, and thus play a role of a firewall.

For these reasons, most of the proxy site is used to connect INTERNET (Internet) and INTRANET (LAN). In China, the so-called multi-media public information network and China Education Network are independent of large state-level local area network; it is isolated from the Internet. For a variety of needs, some groups or individuals set up between the two networks proxy sites, if we know the address of the proxy site, you can use it to reach overseas sites.