Hover Board Buying Guide

hover board

 Hover Board – Fast As The Wind

Hover board? OR Self-Balancing Scooters Was not that what Marty McFly flew into “Back to the Future”? Correct! Exactly from this board is the speech here. Only one missed the motor-driven board a few wheels.

Hover boards, also called Gyro Scooter, are currently the latest craze. Anyone who wants to go with the trend needs such an electric scooter.

It is not only reminiscent of a Segway without steering column, the wave boards, which were IN several years ago, have a clear similarity.

The trend with the Mini Segway’s has swamped here from the US and tears both young and old with. Most manufacturers recommend a minimum age of 12 years.

If you want to float so cool into the future, then our overboard comparison is just right for you. Here you will learn everything worth knowing about the small but nice board.

How Is A Mini Segway Set Up?

These are two platforms connected by an axis. Each of the platforms is put on a foot. The wheels are pneumatic and the housing is usually equipped with LEDs at the front and rear.

You have the possibility to cover your board with a protective cover made of silicone. These are available in different colors. The Mini Segway’s bring about 10 kilos on the scale in weight.

The Functionality Of A Hover Board, Technical Know-How

In the treads position sensors are installed, they recognize whether the “driver” leans forward or backward. This information is passed on to the scar motors, which are also located under the treads.

The motors drive the wheels, which, depending on the control command, have to turn faster and sometimes slower. In addition, a lithium-ion battery is installed, which is charged via a supplied power adapter.

The electronics for evaluating the sensor data, for driving the wheels and for illuminating the LEDs sits on a board, which is also installed under the treads.

It is advisable to pay attention to certified products, because only these can be safely used.

There was a recall in the US in early 2016 because some hover boards were not safe. To avoid the risk of fire, you should not overload the battery of your e-board.

Not only the manufacturer is decisive, but rather the model. So one model of the manufacturer may be technically questionable, another, in turn, completely okay.

 Practice Makes Perfect – The Rise

Woman climbs onto a hover board If you’ve ever seen someone who’s never been on a hover board, you’ll know that the beginning is tough.

The first ascent to the electric scooter is really shaky and often ends on the nose. But do not give up hope.

After a few attempts and when you get a feel for the board, it’s a lot of fun – because once the Mini Segway is defeated, it can be used quickly to blow around the area.

The speed is controlled by body tilt, which means that when you lean forward, the board moves faster as you shift your weight backwards more slowly.

The hover boards can get up to 20 km / h and reach a maximum range of 25 kilometers. In the turns you turn the body in the direction in which you want to drive and presses the respective foot more on the board.

It is important that you perform calm and steady movements. Because the hover board does not like it at all, if you fidget on it.

Then it throws you off. A certain sense of balance should be present, otherwise you run more often next to the board, than that you stand on it.

No matter if big or small, the hover board really is fun for everybody and besides, you can make fast progress.

But beware: So that you do not hurt yourself, you should provide sufficient space, especially when trying out a hover board.

If there are too many objects around you, the risk of injury increases. Is it finally time and the hover board should get some fresh air.