How To Train Siberian Husky Puppies?

siberian husky puppies

Tips For Siberian Husky Education

To educate a husky is not an easy task, as this dog is regarded as idiosyncratic and spirited, with a strong hunting instinct.

As a rule, the sooner an education begins, the easier it is for a husky to obey orders.

It is best if the education begins at puppy age, as failures or a mistake in adult dogs are difficult to bend straight.

For dog training to succeed, one must be prepared to spend enough time, patience and energy to raise his husky.

  • Respect the hunting instinct
  • ┬áHusky education
  • The education of a Siberian husky requires a lot of patience and perseverance
  • The hunting instinct of this breed is difficult to control.
  • Especially when a Siberian husky has scented a prey, nothing can stop him.

The dog usually does not respond to calls. In order to change this pattern of behavior, a systematic training in the context of an education is necessary.

Motivate The Siberian Husky

The task of the Siberian husky puppies owner is to find out how best to motivate his dog. Whether with a treat, a praise with pats or the favorite dog toy – the Husky must understand that it is worthwhile to obey his master’s orders.

It is important that the reward occurs immediately after the desired behavior. Finally, the dog has to remember what he is rewarded for and show the desired behavior in a similar situation again.

All Family Members Must Go Along

A very important point in dog training is the involvement of all family members. There should be agreement on what the dog is allowed to do and what not and the education must be carried out constantly.

The basic education may be taken over by only one person, so that the dog does not get unnecessarily confused.

Consequence, perseverance and patience are probably the most important tips for husky education.

The husky loves its independence and the great outdoors. His education can therefore be somewhat more difficult than in other dog breeds.

The following upbringing tips can help the Siberian husky owner:

Basic education should be the sole responsibility of the caregiver.

Use voice and body language as an educational aid.

Have a lot of patience: Learning the basic commands requires a lot of practice and time. The caregiver must be ready to apply it.

Practice: As a rule, dogs need many repetitions, so that they can consolidate what they have learned. Up to 200 exercises per command may be required for the Husky to internalize and follow a command. In order not to overstrain the dog, it is recommended to start with short training sessions and to increase them only slowly.

Varied and interesting training: A boring program and always the same training is not only a real imposition for us humans dar.

Understanding the husky / the right communication: The husky is able to interpret the expression of the facial expressions, the volume of the voice, the movements and the tone of voice of his owner, and draw conclusions as he has just intended.

In the training phase, it is therefore very important to always give a certain command in the same tone and to keep calm, should initially no specific training successes. The caregiver not only has to give the dog safety and confidence, but also be able to interpret the signals of his husky correctly. These include: the ear posture, position of the tail, back hair, barks or growls.

Learning Environment: The successful training of the commands requires an optimal learning environment that allows patient practice and thus simulates important situations. An ideal learning environment for the education of a dog offer dog schools.