Which Cat Breeds Are Suitable For Housing?

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How To Select The Perfect House Cat?

Cats are kept in the home for a variety of reasons. Often, the location of the apartment does not allow anything else. The risk of the cat being stolen or run over is too high for most owners. Although cats look forward to freewheeling, there are also some cat breeds that are particularly suitable for housing. In this guide, you will learn everything about ideal cats.

Which Cats Are Suitable As Home Cats?

If you are looking for a Munchkin Cat Breeders or a flat-rate cat, you should inform yourself about the different breeds. Due to the enormous differences in nature, not all cat breeds are suitable for pure housing. The following cat breeds are particularly suitable for housing:

Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian are great companions. They are brave, playful and curious. Most of them are completely satisfied with a warm sun place by the window or on the balcony. As a home cat they are thus ideally suited, but they should not be kept as a single cat.

Balinese Cats

Balinese are wonderful as apartment cats, because they like it quiet and comfortable. They enjoy life in a household where they receive a lot of attention. Since it is very sociable animal is to be advised of a single attitude.

Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are only partially suitable for housing. Due to their enormous urge to move, the apartment should not be too small and have enough climbing possibilities. In a household with children and other pets, Bengal cats also feel comfortable.

Birman Cats

Birman cats are very gentle and social cats who feel comfortable in a family housing estate. However, since they do not like to be alone, a human or a nonspecific should always be there.

British Shorthair Cats

British Shorthair cats are gentle and balanced animals that can be kept well in the home. During regular hours, however, Halter should ensure that the BKH not bored. Working people should not keep a BKH alone.

Burmese Cats

Burmese are open-minded and sociable animals. They seek contact with humans and need a lot of attention. As a housing cat, they are therefore only suitable if another conspecific is in the house.

Chartreus Cats

Chartreus cats are extremely balanced and calm. Although they would not be averse to a free wheel in the garden, they can also be easily kept in the apartment.

Devon Rex Cats

Devon Rex Cats friendly, active and cuddly animals. They love the warmth and are therefore suitable as a home cat. In the warm summer months, however, they are happy about a warm place on the balcony or some clearance in a secure garden.

Exotic Shorthair Cats

Exotic Shorthair cats are social animals that have an infectious calm and serenity. For a housing position they are ideally suited. However, with her: Two cats are better than one.

Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats are great for home cats. However, the apartment should be big enough and offer enough variety. They are particularly suitable for working people, since their daily routine consists mostly of sleep and personal hygiene.

Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cats feel comfortable in a pure housing position, provided they meet their playing and climbing needs. They are very adaptable and have a strong sense of community. From a single attitude is not recommended.

Persians Cats

Persians have a very moderate desire for freedom and are therefore great as a home cat. They like to watch the action outside from a quiet place by the window.

Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll cats are the gentle giants among the cats. Their loyalty, gentleness and balance characterize these breed cats. These character traits also make them ideal home cats. A secure balcony or garden would still be nice.