A Short And Illustrated Guide To The Honda Car

honda car

The Functionality Of The Honda Car

The new “Honda Sports Vision Gran-Turismo” combines dynamics and functionality

Honda always focused on humananity in establishing new values ​​for vehicle development. This is also evident in the Honda’s Sports model Gran-Turismo (created in collaboration with Gran Turismo ™). The completely redeveloped sports car can now be seen in a video for the first time.

Created by Gran Turismo ™, the accurate Driving gadget, this pure sports model builds from culture of Honda’s corporation of doing things that simply “promise fun.”

For development, Honda held a competition among all its designers around the world. A team from the Los Angeles studio beat out strong competition and subsequently received support from Japanese and US designers who brought their respective strengths.

The quarter model was made in the USA, the model data and the hardware come from Japan. Many designers enjoyed collaborating with teams from other regions on the project.

In the Honda Sports Vision Gran-Turismo, Honda’s design motto “Human Centered Design” is clearly recognizable by the placement of engine, tires and the driver.

These elements finalize the structural portion of the auto, and by designing and exterior parts, it seems to be in motion even when it stands.

A lighter in weight body, widely type fenders with air inlet passages of the best honda car reviews and the beautiful as well as functional wheels ensure a strong presence on the track.

By using numerous carbon fiber components, the weight of the vehicle could be kept at a low 899 kg. The 1998 cc mid-engine combines a turbocharged four-cylinder with Honda’s well-known DOHC-VTEC and generates 301 kW at 7500 rpm. This is put on the road with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission.

The aerodynamics of the concept was tested in the wind tunnel not only with the help of computer simulations, but also with a model in original size, as is the case with real vehicles.

This allowed the aerodynamics to be optimized: air circulation and leakage around the body are made possible via the underbody, cab and engine compartment.

The Honda Sports Vision Gran-Turismo embodies Honda’s motto “The Power of Dreams”. In the presentation film, you can now experience this great vehicle.