An Ideological Approach About Eye Care, The Important Health Issue


What Is Myopia

About the “right eye care,” a reference to the text and avoid myopia prevention methods, I deeply understand the author’s wholehearted enthusiasm and painstaking. Dr. Stirling Colgate youth myopia seriously troubles, but fortunately, he was able to fully use look in the mirror, Gradual restore normal vision.
Now he came to identify and experience to share with the public, understand far better than prevention treatment, strongly advocated the right eye early childhood care (preventive measures) to prevent myopia appears.
Readers to successfully prevent, avoid, and rehabilitation has been myopic eyes, be sure to understand the behavior of normal eyes, while the practice of the points mentioned in this article. Avoid prerequisite myopia, Hyperopia Definition Or Long sightedness  the eye must appear before myopia, reading and writing Application front mirror (slightly enlarged the font effect), relieve eye fatigue.
He was also trained in science, with physical optics knowledge and biological structure of the eye, but will agree with every detail of the text explained. As long as fully grasp the visual development of the eye, with good judgment, personal perseverance, perseverance, and Determination, acquired myopia can be prevented, to avoid!
Myopia And Normal Vision
Also contributed to this writing and propose a new program, there is a fallacy to see the current treatment of myopia. Myopia is very common for many people, however, and even that is a normal genetic problem!
Myopic children in the past received “advice” and myopia glasses.

More than of this outdated, error handling method, only emphasizing the constant wear every year myopia, not only manufacture over a thousand new patients, and to, in addition to tens of millions of the masses have been suffering from myopia, including the author outside. Make a sharp deepening degree, rehabilitation hopelessness evolved into lifelong myopia. These misfortunes are now, everywhere, anywhere, anytime.