A portable air compressor for mobility and flexibility

air compressor

A portable compressor should also be light in weight so it is easy to transport.

In comparison to power tools, air-powered tools often have a significantly higher power and are very versatile.

However, such tools also require a corresponding compressor for their operation, which provides the compressed air required by the tools. As a rule, today, in the home improvement sector, mobile compressors are used.

A distinction is made between roll-able compressors on wheels and portable compressors.

Best portable air compressor is characterized by its particularly high mobility and flexibility and can be transported from A to B thanks to its compact dimensions and its relatively low dead weight thanks to an integrated carrying handle without great force.

Portable Air compressor

A portable air compressor is what they want to gain? Here you will find a small guide on what features you should take care of.

With the most important detail for a good compressor is the available air pressure. At least seven bar pressures should be possible.

It is also important to clarify whether you want an oil-free compressor, or a compressor with oil lubrication.

The oil-operated compressor has the advantage of having a higher output, whereas a compressor without oil has a lower purchase price and does not require maintenance.

A portable compressor should have enough power. A portable compressor from the company is setting an exclamation mark in this area.

The powerful electric motor has an output of 1100 watts. This power means that the compressor has a maximum suction capacity of 200 liters per minute. This will fill the five-liter compressed air boiler within a very short time.

After a few minutes, an air pressure of up to nine bars builds up inside the boiler. This can be checked on a large, easily readable nanometer and, if necessary, reduced by a pressure switch.

A new, portable compressor like this comes without oil lubrication. This eliminates the need to replace the engine oil. Usually, this annoying work occurs at least once a year.