Functional anxiety

Is Functional Anxiety physical or heart disease?

In addition to anxiety and other feelings of anxiety, there are a lot of somatic symptoms such as dizziness, headache, dyspnea, stomach pain, stomach problems, chest stuffiness and so on.

Sometimes, the patient will focus on these physical symptoms and less those who care about the psychological symptoms. In the treatment of anxiety for drugs will play a great effect, but sometimes it may have “been successful.” These times, if the psychological treatment to play a role in opening the heart window, the result will be able to do more with Less.

Male correction Yafei has a strong body type, to see him full of vitality to the implementation of firefighters, it is hard to imagine that he will have health problems.

In fact, in the past year, Yafei often feels chest bust, sometimes even having a strong feeling of nausea, will also feel like suffocate, breathing difficulties, as if being the same neck.

The most troublesome is that there are three times because he felt the feeling of nausea and suffocation is too strong, so I have worried about their own lives, so although he was in the incident when the fire, he was forced to call ambulance.

Worst of all, when I got to the Accident and Emergency Departments, I had seen the doctor, but he could not find any problems and made him embarrassed.
Round of the test

In order to these symptoms, Yafei is also spent a lot of energy and resources to visit the district. But whether it is heart, gastroenterology, thoracic and pulmonary, after a round of inspection and testing, the doctor told him what problems can not be found.

In this year, Yafei has tasted according to gastroscopy, colonoscopy, brain scan, magnetic resonance, positron emission scanning, cardiac treadmill exercise test, and even cardiac catheterization, which all can not find any answer, but he has continue to often feel nausea, Heart shade and suffocation. Over time, Yafei also began to feel helpless and anxious.

Finally, doctors believe that Yafei may suffer from “functional anxiety disorder” and referred it to a psychiatrist. At the time, Yafei actually resisted such referrals. In any case, he does not feel that he is suffering from mental illness. Perhaps so, Yafei in front of a psychiatrist, initially did not take the initiative to explain the disease.

However, the psychiatrist talked to him for a while, he gradually brought out some of his symptoms of anxiety disorder. In those days, he was often panic-stricken for no reason at all, and sometimes he felt a rapid heartbeat.

Other times, he would suffer insomnia or be awakened by a nightmare in the middle of the night. The above symptoms, Yafei are little and others mentioned, but tend to focus on their own nausea and suffocation problems.
Psychological treatment to open the heart window

In any case, the psychiatrist prescribes a new type of antidepressant (SNRI) and an anti-anxiety drug, Yafei did not worry about the clothes. Sure enough, about a month later, he has greatly reduced share of nausea and choking feeling, but still from time to time easily panic, feel bad sleep, and was nightmare to wake up.

Yafei and psychiatrists to explore the “unfinished” causes. Yafei has a good relationship with his colleagues and a good work performance. I can not think of any “heart knot”. Until one time, Yafei and psychiatrists talked about a fire in the same injury experience, after the heart seemed a little soothing.

Before long, he was also greatly reduced by “anxiety” and “insomnia” trapped.
“Anxiety” is simply a physical and psychological causes. In addition to patients with panic and anxiety and other feelings, there are a lot of somatic symptoms such as dizziness, headache, dyspnea, stomach pain, stomach problems, chest stuffiness and so on.

Sometimes, the patient will focus on these physical symptoms, and less those who care about the psychological symptoms. In the treatment of anxiety for drugs will play a great effect, but sometimes it may not have “ten successful.” These times, if the psychological treatment to play a role in opening the heart window, the result will be able to do more with less.

What are the symptoms of long-term excessive pressure?

What are the symptoms of long-term excessive pressure?

We all know that for a long time to bear a lot of pressure on people’s physical and psychological will have a bad influence.

In fact, the pressure will cause a series of physiological, psychological, emotional and behavioral symptoms, and the pressure to withstand the longer the longer, feel the symptoms should also be relatively more. The following list of these symptoms, why do you see how much more you have it.

1.  Tired, limb weakness.
2.  Muscle tension, especially the neck, shoulders, and back, feels troublesome back       pain.
3.   Rapid heartbeat, rapid or abnormal pulse.
4.   Chest pain.
5.   A headache, especially a forehead and other locations feel pressed.
6.   Digestive system problems, stomach, indigestion and so on.
7.   Diarrhea.
8.   Shock tremor.
9.   Dry mouth.
10. Non-stop sweating.
11.  Skin diseases.


1.    Filled with anger and vented.
2.    Easy to lose his temper, no patience.
3.      Feel depressed, will depression, everything to the negative Department.
4.     Lose confidence in yourself.
5.    And feel exhausted, lack of enthusiasm.
6.    There is a sense of alienation.
7.    Can not concentrate.
8.    Memory deterioration.
9.   Influence judgment, appears hesitant.


1.   Often sleep well, or need to sleep for a long time.
2.   Tobacco can not stop.
3.   The decline in sexual demand.

It is difficult to relax.

With these symptoms, it does not mean that physical or psychological is a problem, but on behalf of you have to bear a long period of time or excessive pressure. Therefore, these symptoms can be said to stress our health prelude.

Stress and Health

Urban stress can be regarded as one of the greatest challenges to modern health. In fact, the pressure is a serious impact on the health of most people. A survey found that seven to eight percent of the city people each week will be under significant pressure, and family doctors see patients, disease and stress have more or less relationship.

Some people claim that the pressure is “the first health problem in the United States,” some people see the pressure of the city for the century facing the largest epidemic, may be more terrible than atypical pneumonia.

The difficulties faced by modern city people are lasting, lingering and endless. This type of difficulty, the most easily psychological long-term in a state of tension, but also to the body produces the following series of adverse health effects.

Stress and Heart Disease

Some people have done such a study, will suffer from high blood pressure in patients divided into three groups.The first group of psychologists with the help of a series of decompression activities. The second group is in the first group of activities to the half before decompression activities began. The third group did not do any decompression activities.

The results showed that the first group of blood pressure is the most normal, while the second group of blood pressure is better than the third group. In the decompression exercise, “relaxation of stress” and “self-control of anger and temper” exercise are the most common causes of hypertension.

We also know that long-term stress can lead to an increase in the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and a heavier burden on the blood vessels of the heart. High cholesterol and high blood pressure, the chance of suffering from heart disease also increased accordingly.

Stress and emotional problems

In a modern city like Hong Kong, one in four people suffers from a lot of stress and is uncomfortable. It is called “psychosomatic disorder”. In many cases, the patient thought he was seriously ill, and therefore around the doctor, but always a bad medicine.

In addition, long-term stress can also lead to anxiety and depression and other mental symptoms, and many of these symptoms will affect the relationship between patients and family members, such as husband and wife, mother-in-law, child rearing problems. These problems will only lead to more symptoms, it is emotional instability, it also feels like the body is full of disease, really hard. And finally became a vicious circle.

Stress and immunity

The most disturbing is that there is evidence that stress can directly weaken the body’s immune capacity.
Studies have found that those who are “less prone to compression”, compared with those who are “vulnerable to pressure”, will have a greater antibody response to the virus, while the activities of the virus against T cells are relatively strong. Another study found that those “long-term pressure”, the anti-virus antibody response and T cell activity will be weak.

Other studies have found that patients with long-term stressors who have a longer recovery time because endocrine cytokine IL-1, which helps restore the wound, is reduced.
In the United States had such an experiment. 276 volunteers have been injected with a cold virus, and four of them are suffering from a cold. Later found that the more support from friends and relatives, the greater the resistance to the virus. Often, people who have more friends and family support will be more vulnerable to stress. At the same time, those who feel a lot of pressure recently, are finally suffering from a cold.

We now know that stress, if it is persistent, or extremely shocking, will increase the likelihood of illness. As a result, the pressure makes people more susceptible to various types of infectious diseases, and even improve the chance of suffering from cancer.