The Sight Seeing Tours of London

The Amazing Journey

Among the cities I have seen, London is the most fascinating and unpredictable thing. The old crowded neighborhoods and the lush royal parks are piled up and have the world’s largest free museums, and cannot find any skyscrapers as a global financial center. The winding streets are never seen at all, and what is the end of the street, which is the same as the weather in London is never guess the mystery.


Speaking of London weather is really a headache, although here is still lower than the altitude of Beijing, the sky is like the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau as volatile., which has always been known for its accuracy, is also out of London, and the forecast for the next day is basically free. Only the forecast of the day can make do.

The cloud is always the protagonist over London, and I am surprised that the height of this zero altitude is so low as if it can be reached. You can enjoy london touring by gatwick to heathrow transfer also. The clouds of London are never as clear as Beijing, and they always keep their own shapes and edges, and they are stacked together and swept over the city at an extremely fast pace. The sun constantly changing the angle from the clouds shot out, like a huge disco dance hall laser lights.


Westminster in London is like Tienanmen Square in Beijing, here is London’s oldest core area, probably the most expensive land area. Do not understand why we want to stay here where the company, save some money more money would not be more affordable.

London’s iconic building, Big Ben

Come to Westminster, no matter where you stand, looking up is Big Ben’s magnificent smile, it is the day before the empire left to each visitor’s first impression. This clock from the beginning of the work since 1288, and was burned once in 1834, rebuilt after the normal operation, every 15 minutes once a time to remind the parliamentarians downstairs debate, “Do not quarreled, rest it! ”

London’s landmark building, Palace of Westminster

Big Ben is not a separate building, it is London’s most magnificent and most complex and most intuitive building Palace of Westminster part of the building is the seat of the British Parliament, also known as Houses of Parliament (Capitol Building). The monster with 1,100 rooms is open to the public, and if you want to spend money to buy tickets for parliamentarians to quarrel or see the opposition party, you can refer to the agenda of the parliamentarian.

London Parliament Square rally to protest the Sri Lankans

House inside noisy, outside the building is not corpuscles. Just to catch up with the Sri Lankan government forces to exterminate the anti-government Tigers, thousands of Sri Lankans (I guess) occupied the Big Ben on the west side of the Parliament Square (Congress Square) protest demonstrations. Does the British sell weapons to the Sri Lankan government? Where the protests are the tiger side party? I saw half a day really did not figure out how the matter. Protest the little buddies to see a camera carrying a foreign friend, crazy as directed at me roar, that means snapshots snapshots, to promote our actions out!

Protest against the protest, whether it is angry indignation Sri Lankans, or outside the circle of the British police, we all well water does not make the river, no one more cordon step. Well, know the civilized petitioners are good people!

London Palace of Westminster makes live coverage of BBC News

Someone protested, and somebody protested, BBC News was devoted to eating this bowl of rice. I just hit a news team to do live, see this battle, it is really professional. I used to read the news that day is out of this way.

Westminster Abbey, London Parliament Square

Place south of Congress Square is Westminster Abbey, a standard Gothic church. Tickets are expensive, £ 15. It is said that you can mix in the masses of the participants, but it is estimated that it can not support the tripod. To learn about the opening hours of the church and the time of worship. I do not want to buy a ticket, this fee to wait for the United States and the United States to London, when we went to see God.

London night in the giant Ferris wheel, London Eye

Of course, after a normal person’s eyes are removed from Big Ben, it will never fall on Parliament Square or Westminster Abbey, and the super-stylish Ferris wheel on the east bank of Thames will hold on to any The eyes of the people, until you pay up to date. It is the famous London Eye, once the world’s largest Ferris wheel. Some people questioned that it destroyed the classical beauty of the city of London, and some people worried that it could not carry London bad weather, but all with the £ 17 fares can not resist the enthusiasm of tourists crazy. London Eye is the world’s most famous and most popular Ferris wheel.

According to the Ferris wheel this thing is not rare, Google “the world’s largest Ferris wheel” will find, Tianjin, Nanchang, Suzhou and other places are competing to build “the largest” Ferris wheel.