Quality Of The Best Food Processor

food processor

Quality Of Food Processor Workmanship

It depends on the following major aspects:

  1. Power
  2. Capacity
  3. Equipment (versatility)

Cheap models of food processor are available from as little as 100 euros, but you should remember that higher-quality models made of robust materials have a much longer life. The weight of a best food processor indicates how solid it is. Powerful motors require a heavy housing (often made of metal) Рotherwise the machine would vibrate on the worktop during operation due to the vibration.

An advantage of kitchen machines of well-known manufacturers i.e. Bosch or Kenwood is that they can be expanded in many ways and can be used with various attachments, for example, for shredding fruit and vegetables, as a meat grinder, juicer, mixer, noodle or ice cream machine.

Accessories are still available long after purchase. For cheap equipment, you usually have to be content with the basic equipment – consisting of dough hook, stirring hook and whisk. What should my kitchen machine?

The basic equipment includes in almost all models with swivel arm a whisk for whisking eggs or cream, a stirring hook for creams or liquid batters and a dough hook for heavy dough. You’re already well prepared for baking. In addition, these machines can be extended with the help of attachments. The following accessories are popular:

Vegetable cutters Noodle attachment Meat grinder Citrus press Mixer model, in addition to the basic functions of food processors offer various additional functions, although not essential, but quite comfortable.

The purchase decision, they can tip the scales when you sway between several models. Such additional features include:

Electronic Speed Control

Automatically adjusts the speed of the mixer arm Sprinkler lid with re-pouring port: Keeps the work surface clean and facilitates the addition of ingredients during the stirring process.

Overload Protection

Prevents the motor from overheating when overpowered with a dough circuit Momentum / Pulse function: enables short switching on and off of the machine at the press of a button, making it easier to process sensitive ingredients, e.g. and carefully placing ice cream under a dough timer:

Allows the machine to be set to automatically switch off after a certain time Automatic parking position: the mixer arm takes a parking position when the machine is switched off so that the bowl can be easily removed integrated balance Go through the lists and write down the features that are important to you.

Then check which kitchen machines offer all the desired functions. Then you can use the exclusion process, the range of devices that come for you in question.

The wattage indicates how much energy a machine consumes, not how much of it is transferred to the stirring or cutting tool.

Nevertheless, the performance in watts provides some guidance – stronger engines usually consume more power, of course. However, how much power ultimately arrives in the mixing arm, also depends on the drive and the gearbox.

Therefore, the power in watts should never be the only basis for making a decision when buying a food processor. As a rule of thumb, egg whites, whipped cream and batters can easily handle models with lower power of 300-500 watts.

Even now and again to knead a bread dough, it presents no major challenges. On the other hand, if you often want to process heavy dough (for example for wholegrain bread or pizza) or large quantities with your food processor, more power is recommended.

Especially if you like to do a back-marathon on the weekend or prepare fresh bread on a regular basis, you should opt for a machine with a powerful motor.