An Idealogical Approach About Eye Care

What Is Myopia

About the “right eye care,” a reference to the text and avoid myopia prevention methods, I deeply understand the author’s wholehearted enthusiasm and painstaking. Dr. Stirling Colgate youth myopia seriously trouble, but fortunately he was able to fully use look in the mirror , Gradual restore normal vision.

Now he came to identity and experience to share with the public, understand far better than prevention treatment, strongly advocated the right eye early childhood care (preventive measures) to prevent myopia appears.

Readers to successfully prevent, avoid, and rehabilitation has been been myopic eyes, be sure to understand the behavior of normal eyes, while the practice of the points mentioned in this article. Avoid prerequisite myopia, Hyperopia Definition Or Longsightedness the eye must appear before the myopia, reading and writing Application front mirror (slightly enlar the font effect), relieve eye fatigue.

He was also trained in science, with physical optics knowledge and biological structure of the eye, but will agree with every detail of the text explained. As long as fully grasp the visual development of the eye, with good judgment, personal perseverance, perseverance and Determination, acquired myopia can be prevented, to avoid!

Myopia And Normal Vision

Also contributed to this writing and propose a new program, there is a fallacy to see the current treatment of myopia. Myopia is very common for many people, however, and even that is a normal genetic problems!

Myopic children in the past received “advice” and myopia glasses, only to make their original vision worse PTC Sites

More than of this outdated, error handling method, only emphasizing the constant wear every year myopia, not only manufacture over a thousand new patients, and to, in addition to tens of millions of the masses have been suffering from myopia, including the author outside. Make a sharp deepening degree, rehabilitation hopelessness, evolved into a lifelong myopia. These misfortunes are now, everywhere, anywhere, anytime.

As an optometrist, also feel ashamed. The past optometry industry did not play its due professional knowledge, to promote prevention of acquired myopia. As a result, the rate of myopia is the highest in the world.

However, there is still a small number of scientists (physicists, engineers), optometrists, medical experts dedication to their knowledge, in the public interest, strive to promote the prevention of myopia, myopia resist using a front mirror. Subject to criticism, rejection, so that the layman ridicule, they still insist. I sincerely admire their ideals, and I hope they continue to adhere to and make the general public believe that to understand the long-term efficacy of accepting a front mirror , Reduce myopia.

This booklet addressed to every brave to take, direct positive, and progress optometrist workers o

First, we have to declare ophthalmologists and optometrists, not deliberately provide provide false myopia treatment, in fact; all healthcare personnel provided are based on governance over the past three hundred years ago under the spread.

Today governance myopia two programs:

Traditionally with glasses (concave lens negative lens) as soon as you can clearly see far, unfortunately, in the next inspection cover eyes, almost certainly myopia gradually deepened, and you want to convert a stronger power lens.

Another program, the optional front lens (lens) to reading and writing, this governance is not only the degree of stability and generate long-term benefits to solve the problem, so the beginning of mild myopia, getting replies (uncorrected) normal vision. The mirror close-up dedicated to relieve eye fatigue.

Perhaps you would say: This is not contradictory, illogical ah! Correct! The truth is, we know the first option to make sure deepening degree, and more wear deep, but tradition makes us accept this rapid treatment method, and that it is the only way.

Although there are a large number of experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of front mirror, but the majority of optometric practitioners still refused

Early research in 1961 the results have been in the past almost all ophthalmology, optometry for normal eye behavior ignore knowledge and understanding, I’ll just focus on the eye or defects. Very few scientifically observed studied, there are a handful of Dr. Francis Young Yang Ge Dr. o

Eyes adapt to the environment to adjust the focal length

This is a normal physiological phenomenon, in fact, children are hyperopic eyes or plain, until you reach the school. Acquired myopia is typical in eight to nine-year-old primary school students, because homework too heavy! During the study, a lot Of reading and writing and other computer applications, no demand can be avoided, and these jobs are in the hand position about 12 inches or 30 Limi (close) room, as long as these activities day after day, constantly repeated over many years, The Eyes inevitably adjusted to close the focal length, in other words, this time the eye is myopic.

Wear myopia (negative lens), you can immediately restore clear vision to look too far.

The optical principle of this mirror is to close the distant scene, imaging at close range. It features regardless of the far or near the scene were closer, you can see far, this mirror look at the past, exacerbate the eyes adjust the focus. Negative lens to meet the eyes to meet the shorter focal length of the imaging, if this scenario continues to become more myopic eyes.

Perhaps you might ask: “. Since the negative lens so bad optometrist or ophthalmologist should be how to do what can be done to make the child vision clear mission to regain what way can maintain long-term children with normal vision ???”

The answer is definitely yes! Ophthalmology or optometry profession should consider another program to give children to wear a look in the mirror when reading .Health care workers should allow parents or patients to know that these two options. And give advice.

In fact, health care workers should be encouraged to recommend it! Look in the mirror when you make it easy to read, because it can enlarge it, look at the past to reduce the regulated pressure, relieve eye fatigue o In addition To the degree of stability and regain clear vision, even more important to avoid sharp deepen the child degree!

Guess the existence of the optical sector is aware of the mirror, application and efficacy?

Some parents find it hard to explain clearly the principles of physical optics and eye structure. Some Chen Shou-old more refused to believe that this new research, new programs. More difficult to accept that; some look in the mirror I’m afraid that Can prevent myopia, impede the replacement demand for new glasses, one less opportunity!

The wrong idea

Let us briefly explain the widespread misconceptions of the past, recognize the true truth, and protect your own and your children’s precious vision.

First, myopia is definitely not a disease, but not shortcomings or shortcomings, especially from the beginning of myopia. It is only a adjustment, regulation, is the eye changes to meet the required focal length at close range.

Early in 1860 Dr. Donders & Dr. Helmoholtz order to facilitate data collation, established a photographic cartridge theory o Yet, this theory ignores the normal eye is A dynamic physiological structure, adjusting it all the time, changing the focal length to suit the prevailing vision environmental requirements o

Third; With the popularization of education, reading more and more obvious evidence of enclosed induced myopia o Early in 1813, the Royal Academy of Social Sciences James Ware found educated Guards have 5% of patients with myopia o and never to education, normal vision, They never read, nor can book word article o shows; myopia really close reading and closely connected o

The other is the emergence of their own glasses, we are deeply affected by the subtle, unless the sleep, glasses must always wear, not knowing this way worse degree worse!

Ge Yang Dr. 1970, North American Eskimos eye examination, comparison is affected by differences in myopia education and no education, but also do not want to know how the results? Educated myopia rate was 80%, compared to uneducated almost zero

Conclusion A full close reading environment, can contribute to myopia, but also because of the degree of excessive deep eye elongation, affect health, and pointed out that the cause of myopia is caused by excessive close reading lead to fatigue results, as long as the Focus adjustment to avoid for a long time, suffering from myopia organizations will greatly reduce or even avoid o

How to achieve cure for myopia

Successful prevention of myopia or rehabilitation, can be traced back to 1904, Dr. Raphaelson the Jacob as a child cure myopia, but affects quite ironic o (this site has the full text of Dr Raphaelson story)

“A study found that among children look far unclear, verification by a doctor vision 6/12 or 0.5 to about Myopia -1.00DO him to look in the mirror with the child more than the traditional negative lens, and promised to be father of the Child came back to witness the effect only charge consultation fees and the cost of spectacles o Unfortunately, after his father back home, do not believe that doctors need not drugs, myopia can be cured within six weeks, because he was completely normal child vision o And refused to pay, the mother had to return the child to look in the mirror Dr. Raphaelson O ”

Just think if the doctor gave the child is myopia (negative lens), vision can be immediately clear mission, and the misunderstanding has returned to normal o child and mother are satisfied, immediate payment of a fee, the doctor can change each year because of The degree to deepen, logical charged new glasses cost o this phenomenon is being reflected in optical attitude today, ignoring the long-term interests of a front mirror, valued myopia effect immediately, and profits year after year interchangeable lenso

Lens characteristic American Studies

Cornell University Cornell, Dr. Howland equal to 1987 research experiment, explore and look in the mirror myopia in normal eye shadow noon and results o

They use chicken experiment (this site has the full text of Dr Howland study), the results show; the eyes tend to look in the mirror of the front cover, the cover tends to be more myopia myopia o This clearly points out the characteristics of The lens, however, far-reaching IMPACT the focal length of the eye o in other words: the focal length of the eye to follow the characteristics of the lens focal length is changed, to paraphrase back to the human eye, a negative lens myopia Led to more positive distance vision mirror restore function o

Primates and human eyes

In addition to the normal chicken eye being studied, the monkey is a close relative of humans, hence was chosen as the research object, Washington State University, Washington State University by the Yang Ge Xia study led by Dr. o where they want to verify The changes in the environment, will lead to changes in the focal length of the eye ??

A group of young monkeys feeding in the box, claustrophobic eleven months, forcing them to watch up close and forces from the 30cm to 50cm range, while another group of young monkeys are fed in the usual cage, all the monkeys are not covered lens after Completion; two monkeys receiving eye examination, the results of a box of varying degrees, suffer from myopia, opposite the cage without any change in vision degree o

This is not the same as that of the previous version. If you have a change in the visual environment, do not change the focal length of a normal eye.

What does this prove?

As ago mentioned, the normal eye is not recognized by senior scholars still camera o the fact that it is a dynamic one fully automatic camera, and constancy in response to the surrounding environment and adjust to change the focal length o frankly; past optometry and medical Research to focus resources morbid eyes, simply correction and treatment methods, and the lack of a normal eye line a little understanding o

What you can do

Of course, to take care care to protect your child’s eyes and vision, please find find experience ophthalmology, optometry and other professional person, check your child eye sight conditions, consult the relevant application front mirror, which restore normal vision and preventing myopia effect o

Our vision is to determine the normal 1.0 or 6/6 and the remaining few hyperopia o Kids vision, now required for children as preventive measures to avoid myopia appears o If your child has a vision problem to 0.8 or 6/9, to give children The proper governance appear to be more urgent, in order to avoid the deterioration of o

What kind of medical staff will you encounter? Obviously, the concept of prevention of myopia can really help you o

Pity until now, most of the medical profession did not really understand the benefits of a front mirror, just to give you eye test degree o even some personal bias, thought the old medical resist this new concept, does not give you a detailed explanation, Just wear myopia trouble o

But also enlightened optometrists, ophthalmologists understand the negative lens of the normal eye (negative / Vice) action, they reject, or tried to alleviate myopia luminosity, so that applications look in the mirror, but this is only a very small number o

If you encounter medical attention, the optometrist has no knowledge of normal eye behavior, and refuses to recognize the benefits of orthodontic prophylaxis and long-term rehabilitation, but only with myopia, and stressed the need for long-term wear is the only way to Advise you to find Another expert opinion!

Choose time

So far, your personal decision is the key! This is your decision, although trust your health care workers, should also make a wise choice! In particular, have finished reading this article o

Remember! For early myopia, look in the mirror can play a long-term rehabilitation efficacy o but the reaction to it also limits the eye, especially poor eyesight to 6/24 or 0.25, are also relatively long recovery time o myopia to avoid or Reduce the wear time, May consider alternative pinhole glasses!

Negative mirror soon collapse vision to 6/36 or 0.17; Unfortunately, the application will only look in the mirror, normal vision rehabilitation more difficult to maintain a degree only, without severe deepen o

Please carefully consider the long-term prevention of look in the mirror, and the degree of stability that after falling normal vision benefits, and in the past have been used to measure the myopia that made the consequences o

In fact, early medicine, optometry community has recognized that the causes of myopia, popularity, and its severity, and propose different approaches to dealing o

People familiar with bifocals, with light function is to make the eyes look at the past to reduce the focus adjustment fatigue o During World War II, the US military pilots more applications look in the mirror in order to maintain or restore normal vision o

1977 New Zealand Auckland scientific conference ANZAAS, a young and brave Optometrists Maurice Brumer pointed out that that turns care, creating a deep myopia today, is the original excerpt Sign:

“… Prolonged and intensive near seeing is eyestrain; it is not good for our eyes and it is not good for our health. Conventional optometric care has totally ignored eyestrain And has seek only the correction of visual defects, that being the prescription of glasses for The attainment of good distance vision and the assumption that eyes with good distance vision are perfect and that perfect eyes need no assistance for prolonged and intensive near seeing. Give eyestrain the credit for no more than the occasional “red eye”. This is A very harmful and wide spread fallacy.

The eye care professions have resisted change irrationally and fearfully, unwilling to admit that what has gone on before (the use of minus-lens) has been wrong and harmful, and by doing so they have unleashed on the public they serve A cataract Of horror. This continued situation (of failing to inform the general adequately of the danger of minus-lens use) is a tragedy for the public and a disgrace for optometry.

The While IT IS understandable that Optometrists Will Not the Find IT Easy to Admit that What they have been doing IS Wrong and Harmful, ESPECIALLY for Those Academic University Optometrists Responsible for at The Education of Our Graduates, to the preserve at The Current Horrors to Protect Our Professional Prestige and Privilege Is an abdication of our responsibilities, ethics and morality.

I can make no apology for causing embarrassment to my professional colleagues. The interests of the public are paramount and must be served. The purpose of this paper is to direct the future to end the disgrace of the past.

Prevention of myopia

Medical studies have shown that deep myopic patients suffering from eye problems at a later stage, three times the normal vision of the eye; such as floaters, glaucoma (intraocular pressure is too high), macular bleeding, and even retinal detachment, which pulled over Early because the eye long Suozhi o

In Hong Kong, Taiwan and domestic cities, myopia is more and more common, most people misunderstand myopia can be cured by surgery, but the surface of the corneal layer, although the restoration of clear vision, but no help fundus health. The public may ignore the problems caused by deep myopia!

The facts are at hand

Dr. Stirling Colgate using the above method back to normal vision at 14 years of age vision test is 6/24 or 0.25 to about -1.50D, Credit goes to early detection, exercise and carefully put on a front mirror when reading successfully return to Normal vision to 1.0 O (Please refer to Dr. Gokey story)

During World War II, he lost look in the mirror, myopia instant return to -1.50D, after many hardships to spend. 6 months, re-wearing back to the reader look in the mirror before resuming normal vision O Dr. of Stirling of Colgate is widely known as physics home, now he’s Yalamosi national laboratory in New Mexico, engaged in scientific research o

Take me to talk about the experience, every trip is recommended to parents look in the mirror benefits, are required to take a long time to explain o have a clear willing to accept, there is dubious stay on the sidelines, never known to recieve recognition And more, because they can not listen.