Why Proxy Sites Have Importance in Offices, Schools, and Colleges?

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Why do Proxy Sites use in Offices, Schools, and Colleges?

Proxy Sites is Major important sites for access unblocked sites and easy to access all types of website without any restriction many offices persons access Facebook through proxy sites.

Students also use Facebook in schools and colleges Without any restrict because office general manager blocked all types of social sites in offices and schools minister block all types of social sites in schools so students don’t waste important time in these social sites but rather students can access all types of sites through proxy site.

What are the Benefits of Proxy Sites?

Proxy Sites hide your original location and IP address and secure your pc from hackers and spammers.
Any site cannot locate your cookies and original IP address.
your Internet reduces when you use the proxy site for access websites and watch youtube videos.
you can watch HD quality videos in low Internet connection.
If you not live in United States and you need us IP to access website then you can easily access the website through proxy our IP address.

What is the Difference Between Free Proxy Websites and Paid VPN Proxy Sites?

Free Proxy Websites provide same ip to multiple users and free proxy sites not providing full browsing speed and free proxy websites access through browser.

Paid VPN provides durable and secure proxy service to the users and provide unique multipe ips to 1 user.

Paid Proxy VPN provides service on monthly charge or yearly charge. The main benefit of paid vpn user download vpn software and access proxy surfing on all browsers and anything without any risk.